Internet Service and Wi-Fi

It is our pleasure to offer complementary Internet service at our home, including the ability to connect to our service using Wi-Fi. We also offer one ethernet connection in each home for a wired option. Our Internet service is available for basic web browsing and e-mail. It is not intended to support working from home or other high data uses.

Our service provider is satellite based. This level of service is most likely slower than you use at work or at home. Due to our remote location, satellite service is the only option. When you use our Internet connection, you have implied your acceptance of our Use Policy. In addition, this service and its limitations are part of our basic contract. Due to data caps, we have blocked high data uses, such as streaming videos, streaming audio, social media, etc. Data is NOT UNLIMITED. Data available per day is approximately 0.3 GB. The network password is provided in the home with a reminder that data is limited.

Yosemite Stay Formal Internet Acceptable Use Policy

- The speed of the Internet connection is not what you may be accustomed to at home and/or work. The satellite connection we’ve chosen is the only option available at our home.

- Some services and websites, such as streaming media (example Netflix, YouTube), file sharing and backup sites (Dropbox, P2P sharing, Carbonite, etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), web sites known to promote illegal activities (downloading “pirated” music, movies, etc.) are blocked. Please do not ask us to unblock them or attempt to access them via alternate means. Your screen will display a message from Holly and Jeff if the site you are trying to access is blocked.

- Guests are legally responsible for their Internet usage. Parents are legally responsible for Internet usage of their children.

- In order to enforce this and protect ourselves, some basic information about Internet usage is recorded, such as web sites visited, amount of data transferred, protocols used, and the MAC (hardware) addresses of the devices used on the networks.

- We don’t EVER record, monitor or collect personal information such as usernames and passwords.

- Guests shall not use the Internet connection to upload or download large files or quantities of data, as doing so can adversely affect the experience of guests in the other suite. This includes upload/download of pictures and videos, which is prohibited. Share nicely, please!

- We reserve the right to throttle or discontinue Internet access at any time during a stay if guest usage is found to violate this policy, including excess data. No refunds will be offered.

- Like any technology, the Internet connection and networks in our suites are subject to unavoidable and/or unplanned outages. Because these are out of our control, we cannot offer refunds for such outages. If you do have an outage, please contact us right away, as we may be able to perform a repair remotely.