Welcome Inner Circle

To see the full collection from our November 19th Royal Retreat Photoshoot, view the slideshow below.
I call this our "untidy" photos, as I used staging to give a more comfortable, imagine yourself HERE feeling.

To help with the project, read below and EMAIL me your comments to info@yosemitestay.com.
Let me know in your email if its ok with you to share your comments in the makeover thread here

So, the question is: how exactly do I use all these photos?

  • Should I only use the 1-2 best photos of each room and archieve the rest on my computer?
  • Should I only use pictures taken on the same day? Like would it be funny to have some staged photos and some not staged photos?
  • Should I scroll through the house one time with my new photos, then scroll through each room again with the old photos?
  • The old photos (slideshow) are more formal or "tidy" as I like to call it; the new ones are more "lived-in" or I call them "untidy"
  • How many photos in my slideshow on my website is too many?
  • I took photos of some room in various seasons. Should I use those year round? Alternate them periodically? Including, I took 3 pictures of the dining room: Christmas, Fall, "regular". I didn't have a plan, I just staged all three because he was there. How to use?
  • We know I am limited to 24 on VRBO. Should I just mix and match with my favorites of each room, no matter the style?
Thanks in advance for your ideas to info@yosemitestay.com

OLD Royal Retreat photos in slideshow HERE

Slideshow of New Photo Shoot at Royal Retreat