Chain Rentals

As of December 2018, we only know of one business near Yosemite renting chains, Stage Stop Mini Mart in Mariposa, CA on Highway 140.

Current Rates:
Smaller chains (passenger cars) $54 out the door includes a $27 deposit you get back when you return the chains (net cost $27)
Large chains (SUVs, trucks) $162 out the door includes a $108 deposit you get back when you return the chains. (net cost $54)
Rates include the first 7 days. Last verification of rates the above were fairly close, with small variation for sales tax.

Hours: 5:30 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Always call the store directly to verify hours, rates, availability and any other details on chain rentals.

(209) 742-6634
5099 California Hwy 140
Mariposa, CA 95338

If you are coming from points North and/or the Bay area, you can adjust your route to travel through Mariposa, usually with little or no additional travel time.

This is also the "all year" route, meaning it has the lowest elevation and least likely to need chains to enter the park.

However, the views are way better on Highway 120 on the way in and we would recommend, in reasonable weather, the 120 entrance for scenic value and Yosemite experience over driving in via Highway 140. This is a consideration in choosing to rent chains in Mariposa over buying chains. Mariposa is a non-recommended detour when coming from the south, with your regular route being Highway 41.

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