Special Notice Regarding Coronovirus and COVID-19 Concerns

During the time of uncertainty created by the Coronovirus / COVID-19 Pandemic, we have some clarifications for our guests. We are not offering refunds or cancellations outside of our normal policy, including we do not offer trip postponements. However, Trip Insurance is still available for upcoming trips, and covers cancellation of trips for a wide variety of reasons including: cancellation of flights, actual illness, or illness of someone in your trip, loss of a job, and other reasons.

At this time, Yosemite National Park is open normally, and there is no discussion of any closure plans related to this viral outbreak. Yosemite does not generally lend itself to large gatherings of over 250 people, and the environment is well suited for practices such as "social distancing", which are recommended by some government agencies.

The trip insurance company we recommend has newly taken the position that after January 29, 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak is a "foreseeable event". This reduces, but does not totally eliminate, coverage. They have stated being under quarantine would not qualify for coverage. They are not clear if the cancellation of flight or other consequences would be covered.

Due to the change in the insurance company position, from March 12, 2020, we are no longer offering our special reimbursement for guest trip insurance policies, as of March 15, 2020. We detect that while many events should still be covered, depending on the situation, claims may be harder to prove and to get paid out. For those that we worked with on the special offer to reimburse the trip insurance policy, our special offer made to those guests is being honored.

Updated March 15, 2020

Cancellation Policy

Because our properties are unique and in limited quantity, we have a strict cancellation policy. Any cancellation or change in dates results in a $250 cancellation fee (or full value of one night rent, if less). At 60 days prior to arrival, your stay becomes non-refundable. To receive a refund, less the cancellation fee, you must cancel by notifying us by phone or e-mail, before this point.

Our contract provides specific cancellation wording that covers our policy, and reads as follows, "$250 fee for cancellation or date change (or full value of one night rent, if less). Full payment is required 60 days prior to arrival. We will make refunds, less the fee, for cancellations made more than 60 days before arrival date. No refunds due to late cancellation, shortened stay, or ruined expectations including bad weather, limited views, smoke from wildfires, work or family emergencies. If you wish to cancel/change only “part” of your reservation, we may require cancellation in full, on a case-by-case basis, at our option."

Trip Insurance

For the unexpected situations where cancellations would result in the loss of your rent fees paid to us, Trip Insurance is your friend! No one wants to cancel their vacation, but sometimes health or family circumstances change our plans. Because we have a strict cancellation policy, we highly recommend trip insurance. This affordable option protects you in specific circumstances, as outlined in the policy. Commonly covered situations include illness or injury of someone planning to travel in your group OR a family member, funeral (death) of a family member, natural disaster or other severe events in the area of your destination, or other various changes in your job or life circumstances. Trip insurance even at the basic level includes additional benefits such as baggage delay, missed connections, emergency transportation and valuable assistance services.

Together with some of our trusted rental partners, we recommend policies by Generali Global Assistance (formerly known as CSA Travel Protection). You can purchase a policy to cover just your lodging at Yosemite Stay, or all the components of your trip including airfare, rental car. Coverage offered is affordable and, in our experience, this vendor reliably pays out claims.