Holly and Jeff — Owners at Yosemite Stay

We love Yosemite National Park more than any place on earth, and our love has grown over many years of living and working inside Yosemite. We met and married in the park--Jeff was the Search and Rescue Training Ranger, Holly was the student-- and have experienced countless varied adventures within her boundaries. Sometimes, we even get home before dark!

From rock climbing on the huge granite domes and faces — with a combined total of over 40 trips up El Capitan, to rafting, horseback riding, cycling, hiking and skiing — we love the beauty, inspiration and connection to nature Yosemite offers to us.

To us Yosemite simply means HOME . And now, you have a home inside the park gates too: at our property in the heart of Yosemite. We have been welcoming guests since 2012 at our homes in the Yosemite West neighborhood. You have the opportunity to live right inside the park.

We have lived inside the Yosemite park gates, in many locations, and also just outside the park boundaries. Currently, we reside in Oakhurst, CA, just outside Yosemite's South Gate. We have many experiences to draw upon when sharing advice. We are eager to help you make the very most of your Yosemite Stay.

Let us know how we can make your visit as inspiring and perfect for you as every day in Yosemite is for us.